Mseleni logoSIM (Serving in Mission) support the work of the Mseleni Children’s Home in KwaZulu Natal.

Mseleni Children’s Home is awaiting reopening after major refurbishment and updating following a tragic fire on June 18th 2015. Many of the children were placed with relatives and others went to alternative children’s homes.

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Lulisandla Kumntwana

(Hands reaching out to the child)
Borne out of the work at the Mseleni Children’s Home this work currently has approx 2000 children in its care trying to formalise an already existing situation, placing a child in foster care of a relative (Granny, Aunt, Sister...). Teams of Social Workers help to make sure that families with foster children have the necessary documentation to apply for a foster child grant. Practical help with food parcels, house building, clothing, education, and protecting children from
abuse and HIV.

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Annual Reports for
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